Want your Pug in the Pug Heaven Visitors Section?


A new section dedicated to the modifier out there. Finished, unfinished, we don’t care. If you’ve got pictures and information on your latest project then get it up on our site. Just contact me, and the article will be uploaded onto the site within 24 hours. Let the world know about your project and let them appreciate how much work really goes into these things!        


David Poveys 306 S16:

Dans 205 Weapon:

Lees Monster 206



Scotts LAD Tuned 205



Mark Stanleys 205

Jims Mighty Fine 106

Steve’s 106 EVO Jobbie


Doms Monster 

Dave’s 309 

Constantinos 106 


David Poveys Mad 106

Marc Armstrongs 205 


Steve Manns 206

Andrew Corbetts 206

Caspers 206

Richards Smart 206

Valerios’s Brunetti’s 205

Simons Sweet 206

Okkels 106 Weapon


Andy Searles Awesome 106


!!!Work In Progress!!!


Kevs 205 Dimma



Paul Edwards 205


Tishy’s 205 Dimma

Joost Groens Awesome 205

      Massive 206

Matt Baxters T16 205

James Wheelers Unique 205

405 Mi16 

Siavash’s Meaty 205


Awesome 306 Work In Progress

Nice 306 S16



106 Rally 


Lovely 306 Cabrio



Jamie’s 106 


Tannies 206


Simpsons 106


Adams 106