Hi Mark

jus sending sum pics of my 106.

iv had the car for 3 months now. its my first car. just bought it standard and have done all the work myself. The hardest thing was to get the 3 studded alloys, any1 with a AX or saxo will also know wot a meen. but u do get sum gd sets of 3 studded alloyslike these and they stand out 2.

the bonnet scoop is a Subaru impreza model and is a great way of making a any hatchback car stand out, also lowering the working temperature of the engine.

still loads more i hope to do on this, looking to get a bodykitt for it sometime. its still got the standard innocent 1.1 engine. but hope to change that soon with sum reall engine mods like induction kit and cams.



engine. standard 1.1 injection.


suspension. standard


wheels and tyres. 15 inch, league alloy wheels


body-styling. rear roof spoiler, impreza bonnet scoop, de-badged, HT tailpipe, wiper balde covers,  brakes painted and sunstrip