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Would you be interested in putting my ever so lovely pug in your gallery? you seem to have plenty of my Ecosse buds in here.


This car is the first pug in this country to be fitted with the Antares bodykit. and Craigís was just a shameless plagiarism of mine! (his is the  in "Red Antares pug" although he changed it now into a cracking pug!) so come on feature the best and original! If you arenít sure of the Pugs pedigree then check with Diane at Ecosse


Sorry these pics arenít the best but I haven't got a scanner and its been a while since I had access to one!. The car was featured in Max in June 98 and Maxi tuning (French mag) later on with more pics appearing in fast car so check em out.


If you like what you see and think its worthy of ya gallery then let me know and I'll send you the full spec (I've got a 306Gti-6 engine in it now!) which has grown a bit since the mag feature. Also I'll try and get someone to scan the more recent pics of the car (the maxi tuning ones are fantastic!).


Thanks for your time man, and let me know what you think.


Laughing boy (Paul)


PS: I like your site, lots of cool pics! :-)



Tech Spec


Engine: ????


Suspension: ????


Wheels: ????


Body Styling: ????