Well Iíve seen some hard looking cars from the front, but this baby takes the piss. The wheel choice is spot on, they fit like a glove with the hard as nails front end. Perfection? I think so!



The 206 as standard in my opinion is a bit girly. However, once you start making a few choice mods, they come alive and look like something from space!!!



The only thing I donít like about this car is the over sized rear bumper you get on the Gtiís and GTís. It doesnít suite the size of car!


This is a corker and no mistake.

In his words;


Hi Mark,


Here I have some great pics of a very beautiful tuned 206 GT. It's not my car but I also own a 206 and

this car is my example. Perhaps you would like to place these pictures on your site ?


Greetings from Robbert

Peugeot 206 Freak from Amsterdam, Holland






Strut braceÖ always handy for caining it round the bends. Iíve gotta admit, these are not my favourite Pug, but this one looks bloody lovely and isnít far from becoming a feature car!