Must be because the car isnít lowered (yet!), but these donít look like 17ís. They will soon though!




This is Andrew mad 206. Finally, people are

sending me 206 stuff. In his words:


If so here's some of my wee babe, they don't really seem to show it off
> (can't even see the window tints), so if your interested I'll do some
> better ones at the weekend.
> My first 206 Gti W reg got written of back in July 2000 at a ripe old age
> of 3months old, this one is doing slightly better.
> Features:
> Pug Sports pack
> Momo Sport 17x7.5" (and they only just fit with custom spacers, wheel nuts
> and locks)
> Front wings (not sure where they were from!)
> Auto tints, 'almost black' windows
> Pipercross induction kit
> Scorpion exhaust (which now finally stays on - it's a big box!)
> ICE: Alpine CD-Tuner (CDA-7969R) coupled with two Alpine V12 amps
> (MRV-F407) powering:
> 2 x boot box mounted 12" woofers (SWS-1240)
> 2 x Front component set (SPR-175A)
> 2 x MB Quartz 6x4
> All finished off beautifully by a company in Colchester (Conesseaur or
> something like that)
> Andrew