In his words: hi mark i would be happy if u could but my car on ur web-site since i think it a wicked site, the body work on the car still needs to be done and still needs a big-ball, buts thats to come soon, the engine has been racing-tuned, racing clutch and much more. nice sound system to, its all infinity. well i will hit back with more pics when i get the body work and alloys and big-ball all done










This fella belongs to Andrew Lawton. Its

obviously in its early stages at the moment in

bodywork terms but hes heading in the right

direction. Hes going to be sending more and

more pictures in as the car gets better and

better so keep coming back and see how

peoples  hard graft pays off!!!



Tech Spec



racing clutch,


uprated discs and drums,

upratd suspension,

uprated head,




All Infinity stuff.