A nice big set of 17ís or 18ís would finish this monster off a treat!!!






Well look what we have here.

A mint Dimma 205, as you know,

One of my favourites!!!




Tech Spec


1.9 GTI, full Dimma apart from crappy T16 bumper,16"split rim alloy's, full leather interior, red dash, Clio rear wiper, K&N, full twin DTM system,superchipped,momo,steering wheel gear knob & brake lever, blue neon's(someone has to) foot well speakers,2x15"cones crashed it into a tree and looking to get another automatic bonnet, nearside twins and a decent front bumper.








Iíve got to admit, when done properly and not the crappy T16 body kit that can look dodgy, the Dimma 205 is THE wildest kit ever!!!




Lose the front fogsÖyes they make it look rally like, but donít do the business on the streets! Everyone to their own though! At least he hasnít just followed everyone else!!! M3ís look nice!!! Especially in silver!