The only thing Id do is to create a bigger front end to give a more aggressive look. Im not a fan of the white alloy, but they look class on this beasty!








Well, this is different, and I do like

Different. Cracking little motor this,

With tasteful mods.



In his words:


hi there


My name Is Lars Okkels, im 24 years old


i just want to sent you some pics of my 106 rallye. it's not much but it's the only ones i've got. hope you can use'm.


Peugeot 106 Rallye 1.6


Engine: 1587 ccm 8 v, head job , 276 cam, 2" stainless janspeed exhaust (no kat) Green air filter mounted in the front.


Suspension: lowered 50 mm in the back and 45 mm in the front.


White 15" Compomotive with 195/50-15 Toyo Proxes


Styling: colored mirrors, all rallye stickers removed, Musketier roofspoiler, Aloy-dashboard with "OKKELS" inscripted.


ICE: Becker Mexico pro headunit, Sony 160 W speakers in the back, Hertz 6" Sub, Macrom "filter" (don't know the exact word), Audison VR404 Amp.



the pics are taken last weekend, at a pug meeting............with



hope you can use it










I especially like the dashboard mods below. Looks well Posey.