Pugheaven Correspondence:   Last Updated - 07/11/2005




Quick update with people’s cars. Sorry about lack of updates, but one coming soon, and sooner r than you think.

Just included a load of new cars in the visitors section, hope you like them J

Also, included site navigation updates. Let me know what you think of the updates.

Also, if anyone has any 307’s, 406’s around then please send me the pictures J



05/03/2004 – Ok, it’s 2004, the site has been on-line for 4 years now… cheers for all the support I’ve had over the years and if anything, the site is more popular than ever. Just updating the cars as I’ve got a fair few to add to the gallery so watch out in the various sections as there’s going to be about 10 cars added over this weekend (05/06/07) J Hope you like them!!!

20/10/2003 – Well, big update to one of the best 106’s in the country and also someone who lives not too far from me! It’s the Gold 106 in the gallery/106 section, but here is the quick link to it. Enjoy! http://www.pugheaven.co.uk/gold106.htm

16/10/2003 – Right, big change to PugHeaven this week. Just set-up a new collaboration with my good friend Dale and PugHeaven is now associated with www.carzorst.co.uk It isn’t a Peugeot only site, but for all the modifying community! Hope you like it!

10/10/2003 – Right, just to get things straight, PugHeaven is not shutting down and we are not ignoring our PugHeaven public. Been having a computer nightmate lately, which means I’ve lost a lot of people cars and sticker requests… can these people please re-send all the pictures etc etc and requests to me ASAP and I’ll deal with them and get your pugs up on the site! Apologies for any inconvenience. I’ve been promising big updates all year and just haven’t got round to it… well! Here I am! Later… Mark

14/04/2003 – Due to major work commitments and dev of my own 205, the site has only just been updated with the latest Donny 2003 pictures. Also, it's about to have about 20+ readers cars uploaded so please, thanks to all of you that are making this site the place to be! It will be updated on a weekly basis now! Thanks!

30/08/2002 – Well, thanks to the demise of Be Seen (the administrators of my boardroom facilities!), I’ve lost all question, selling/wanted sections of the website! However, like a flash, I’ve now got a new one set-up, bigger, better than the last one! You don’t have to be a member, however, please register when you enter the new “Forums” section! Thanks for your patience!



13/08/2002 – Fantastic Max Power Live 2002 show report courtesy of www.cruisinUK.com Thanks Lads!

15/07/2002 – 2 new cars added to the gallery. One 106 and an awesome 306 as well! Due tomorrow should be two 205’s, one that is one of the most powerful 205’s in the world… supercharged! Now we’re talking! Also, can as many people sign the guestbook as poss, just cheers me up really knowing that my hard work isn’t going to waste! Cheers!

07/07/2002 – 2 new cars added to the visitors gallery. Also, changing the gallery sections due to slow speed. The gallery menus should now be appearing a lot quicker, it’s just a matter of making the actual article pages appear quicker now. Please be patient though, as this will take some time! The 205 gallery should be Upto speed however, so if there’s any comments, please get in touch. The other galleries will be quicker over the coming 2-3 days!

12/06/2002 – Fantastic Doncaster 2002 show report courtesy of www.cruisinUK.com Thanks Lads!

09/06/2002 – 3 new cars in the visitors gallery. Two 205’s and an incredible 306 (called Awesome 306). Take a look! Also, look out for the top 5 pugs in Europe. Who will they be… you’ll find by Friday 14th June 2002.

08/06/2002 – 1 article detailing the use of induction kits within injection motors! Also, new menu system in place. Please let me know what you think!

28/04/2002 – 1 article detailing the specifications of the 405 T16 engine added to the engine mods section.

14/04/2002 – 7 new cars added to the visitors gallery. This now surely makes this the greatest site to have your favourite Pug on!  Apologies to everyone for not having any updates on the site for the last two months. Been having a few probs lately, but from now on, expect to see a few majors changes. There’s going to be the new 206 and 307 section as these are now becoming soooo popular!!!!

Fantastic New Engine Mods Section!!!Also, some fantastic new information/guides on tuning your 205/309/405 Sri 8 Valve engine, your Mi16 engine and some fantastic general tips!!!!!! All in the Major Engine Mods Section!!!



11/01/2002 – Steve Dolans massive green 309 included in the 309 gallery! Also, the new Shows & Articles section is up and running showing all the latest shows and events held relating to Peugeots or events that I have been in myself! Also, 10 new babes in the Babes Of The Month!!! A’ve a look lads!!!

30/12/2001 – 12 New Pugs In The Gallery: 5 New 205’s, 2 206’s & 2 306’s. Also, brand new 206 buyers guide!

30/12/2001 – ICQ User Peugeot Group Set-Up: This lets anyone with the ICQ facility to add themselves to our new group that been set up. This will allow users to talk live to each other and get a central gathering place for all us Pug heads! Sign up today, it’s easy! The address is: http://groups.icq.com/CarsandVehicles/group.asp?no=11956436&do=v

04/01/2002 – New Links Section On-Line: Boasting the most links of any Peugeot site, the new links section has every possible link to all the best sites on the net. If you want your site in there, send me an e-mail (with a banner if you use one!) and I’ll put it on the site before you can say… can I plea…….

The ICQ group also has a chatroom that anyone (whether they use ICQ or not) can use! It takes about 1 minute to download, but is cracking!!!



So, here we are, 20 months down the line. The site has been on-line since the start of February 2000, and we’ve had over 20,000 unique visitors. We’re now getting over 1500 visitors per month! Cheers to all the people who’ve been on the site. There’s currently updates due to go on-line during the first week in January 2002 including diesel tuning, 10 new cars to be included in the gallery making this the biggest Peugeot site on the net with more cars on than any other!!! We now have over 65 different Pug articles in the gallery, with another 17 in the visitors gallery!!! No one can match PugHeaven now!

Also, I’ve just updated my article on my 205. Hope you enjoy it!

A quick note to say that www.PugHeaven.Oakengates.com will not from now on be updated, and all visitor counts will be directly from www.PugHeaven.co.uk.

Chat Room ! Chat day! This will primarily be set for every Sunday night at 8:00pm as most people are bored shitless at this sort of time. If you guys want to start using the chat room from this week on then go ahead! Obviously we need quite a few people on to make it worthwhile!