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I do like the 106, but we havenít had many pictures sent in recently! Ecosse are upto their old tricks again of producing some pant wetting Pugs for your pleasure!


The engine will probably be pumping out about 200bhp with the engine mods that this fellas done! Not bad in something that weighs as much as a poodles poo!







Another weapon from the kings of Pug

Tuning, Ecosse!





1.6 litre 16-valve,

Ecosse forced induction system,

Gas flowed and ported head,

Kent PT50 Cams,


One off Stainless exhaust,

Grp N Clutch,

Lightened and balanced flywheel,




Lowered 60mm all round,

Ecosse springs,

Selex adjustable shocks all round!


Wheels & Tyres:

7x17 MHT V10 split-rims Alloys,

205/40 Toyo Proxes T1-S Rubber.



Care R5 roof spoiler,

Ecosse GT 106 front lip,

Modified 205 Anteras arches,

Tapered Phoenix bonnet Vent,

De-badged and smoothed,

Quad headlight conversion,

Modified front valance,

MKII Sport eyeball fog lights,

Modified rear valance!






Some nice touches include the 205 arches modified to fit the baby Pugsley! 17ís fit snug under the arches too!