As everyone knows, this monster kit is

based on the T16 Rally Car. Believe it or

not, this Dimma jobbie is actually calmed

down compared to the T16!




Turbos… Fantastics, but bloody expensive

To get the Pugsley converted, approx

£3500. However, this immediately gives 170Bhp guaranteed from the 1.9 engine. With head and CAM mods this things looking at 200Bhp @ the wheels.




What Pug site could be without, one of the

most striking cars to grace our roads. The Dimma

205 Wide Arch Kit. What an animal. This car isn’t

just looks either. This mother has a Garrett Turbo.







8v 1905cc Turbo Technics Conversion,

Garrett T2.5 Turbo Dynamics Turbo,

Polished & Ported Head,

Spacer removed,

2x head Gaskets,

Low compression pistons (Mahle),

Reprofiled Piper CAM,

Solid lifters,

RAM Air induction kit,

Custom Exhaust,

Crank lightened and balanced.



Koni top adjustables.

Lowered –30mm all round with rear torsion bar



Wheels & Tyres:

8x16” Dimma Split Rim (Front),

9x16” Dimma Split Rims (Rear),

205/45/16 Avon Turbospeed CR228 Tyres,

Tarox Discs, with EBC Greenstuff Pads.



Full Dimma Wide Arch Kit.




Mean, aggressive, and definitely 80’s.

However, if ever there was a car built

to turn heads… this is it! Watch everyone’s face if you ever see one in a town center!