1Definitely One of the finest Pugs ever built. Chosen because it has it all. One off engine, fantastic body and full leather. Perfect! Iíve never seen this car in the flesh, but I Bet itís the mutts nuts!!! V6 burbling away, I think this may be the only one actually in the country, how they even got it in there I donít know!











3.0 Litre V6 (from Pug 406 Coupe),

Twin Powerflow exhaust system,

Pipercross induction kit,

Laguna nearside engine mount with all

the others being custom made.



Lowered 40mm all round.

Seebec springs over Gti-6 shocks,

Rear Torsion bar reset for 50mm drop.


Wheels & Tyres:

7x18Ē Niche Pullec 3-piece split-rims,

225/40/18 Toyo Proxes rubber,



Full Esquiss Scandel wide arch conversion,

M3 Mirrors,

2000 spec front/rear lights,

2000 bonnet spec,

Aero style filler cap.







Well, you couldnít fail to miss this car over the last two

 years if youíve been attending shows!

Picked because it turned 205 styling on its headÖ

no other 205 of its type in the country! A complete

one off! The bodywork is the most striking feature &

Now the car has a Gti-6 engine, who knows

Whatís next???














Gti6 conversion,

Pipercross air filter,

Full stainless steal exhaust,

Twin 4inch tailpipes!




Lowered 60mm all round,

AVO coilovers at front,

Selex shocks on the rear,

Front upper strut brace


Wheels & Tyres:

7.5x17 Concept Neeper Chrome Wheels

205/40/17 Toyo Proxes Rubber



Full Antares bodykit,

Front valance, rear exit valance,

Side skirts,

Chibli Bonnet,

Modified Auxia rear spoiler,

Replacement front bumper with air vents,

Completely smoothed & de-locked,

Aero-style wing mirrors,

Single wiper conversion,

Ecosse clear rear light clusters,

Painted orange with gold pearl.



Well, Ecosse seem to be dominating the top 5 at the moment! This is the first of its kind in the country once again proving Ecosse to be at the forefront of Pug styling! Not only are they the first to have this bodykit, they go and shove throttle bodies on for good measureÖ is there nothing they can do???












1998cc 4-Cylinder 16-valve engine,

Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies,

Custom Inlet Manifold,

Single Lamda sensor conversion,

EFI E1 management system,

Four branch exhaust system, De-cat pipe,

Devil back box.



Lowered 60mm,

Selex Spings at front,

Torsion adjusted at the rear,

Koni shocks all round.



Wheels & Tyres:

7x18 inch rims

(Technomagnesia Detroit) F1

215/35/18 Tyor Proxes rubber.

Tarox big brake conversion,

B34 6-pot callipers,

340mm G88 discs and fast road pads,

Braided hoses all round.



Equissí Virtuel cc bodykit,

Front bumper with

Additional fog lamps,

Rear valance with single exhaust outlet,

Cc side skirts,

Inner arch guards and arch extensions,

Corner splitters,

Cc boot spoiler with brake light,

Ecosse Cristel bonnet vents,

Porsche style mirrors,

De-locked/badged and tinted windows.



4You may be looking at this and thinkÖ itís nice

but not that outstanding? I think  itís a real corker.

Thereís that many cars from Ecosse and MerseySpeed

 out there now, people have to take it into their own

 hands and design something that stands out from

the crowdÖ and this car does that! Very nice without

going over the top!










1998cc 4-Cylinder 306Gti  16-valve engine,

Pipercross air filter,

Full Magnex stainlees steel exhaust system.



Jamex Ė35mm springs,

Re-set rear torsion bar.


Wheels & Tyres:

71/2 x 17ís Kahn RSRís,

205/40/17 Falken  rubber,

Standard disks all round.



PSG combat kit,

One-off side-skirts,

Lancer style bonnet vent,

De-badged grille,

Single wiper conversion,

Delocked and silky smooth,






Iíve got to admit, Iíve seen many cars in my Time and

the greatest Iíve seen is Jamie Shaws awesome R5T.

However, thatís cost about £30,000 to build. This in

my opinion is the greatest 205 in the country by a long

way. It has stayed close to the traditional lines of the

205, original engine but the attention to detail is

fantastic. This is the most chrome Iíve seen this site of

a Cossie convention. Incredible effort! If you ever get

the chance to go to a show, make sure you

stake this 205 out, you wonít be disappointed!









1.6 litre 8-valve,

J&R filter,

FSE Power Boost Valve,

Magnex, stainless steal exhaust,

Red Samco Hosing, with Chrome everything.



Lowered 60mm all round,

AVO coilovers at front,

Standard rear, but lowered 60mm


Wheels & Tyres:

7x16 Smiths Ipon Alloys,

195/45/16 Pirelli Drego P5000 Rubber.



Active Auto Design side skirts,

PPM roof spoiler, single wiper conversion

and c-pillar badges,

Peugeot Sport rear valance,

LmA mirrors and eyebrows,

Modified R&A rear Gold diffuser,

Auto bonnets of diesel 205.

Everything chromed you mad man!