REVS 0-60 Challenge At RAF Alconbury!!! September 2001!

117 Car gathered together, challenging each other to who has the Daddy car!, and my 205 was there!!!!! I didn?t do as well as I thought? maybe over estimating my cars speed, but I was pretty impressed by the whole day. They did have a ? mile time as well which I was more pleased about due to the fact that I have 17?s on mine, and a heavy engine in the Mi16, so I concentrated more on the ? mile time when I knew I wasn?t gonna get under 7 seconds for the 60 sprint! The winner on the day was Ian Nixon?s R5 Twin Engined Turbo jobbie in 3.50 seconds dead! Incredible really!!!!!! The top three 0-60 times were:

Four Wheel Drive:

1). Ian Nixon (R5 Twin Engined Turbo):????? 3.50 seconds

2). Martin Hadland (Escort Cossie):??????????? 3.54 seconds

3). Craig Hardmad (Subaru Impreza):???????? 3.80 seconds

Rear Wheel Drive:

1). Ryan Bettell (Caterham):?????????????????????? 4.38 seconds

2). Richard Chiton (Porsche V8): ?????????????? 4.41 seconds

3). Darren Lewis (Saphire Cossie):????????????? 5.35 seconds

Front Wheel Drive:

1). Keith Taylor (Escort RS Turbo):???????????? 5.78 seconds

2). Jamie Going (Escort RS Turbo): ??????????? 6.05 seconds

3). Emma Cable (Civic VTEC):???????????????????? 6.12 seconds

31st out of 73 was me?

Mark Dodd (Pug 205Mi16):???????????????????????? 7.79 seconds


Click On The Pictures For Larger 400x200 piccies! They Are About 100 KB Each!!!! In .JPG Format!


Relaxed and sitting all quite before all the action starts!!

This is the first time the new rear diffuser has been out at some sort of show! A look nice doesn?t it? Should do, it?s cost me ?350 quid to get the damn thing on!!!

Just chllin?and waiting for all the action to start! You have to keep the engine ticking over to keep all the oil flowing and to keep the engine warm!!!

Not TOO warm though. The queue was that long, you had to keep the engine ticking over, but with the bonnet raised!



This is me and the Pugsley on the start line, waiting for the off!!! The sweat was pouring off me? must have been all the tension! Keep the REVS up around 3000rpm? burn the clutch and away we go!


And we?re off. The hardest bit was keeping traction. I?ve never done any 0-60?s before, and it took a few goes to get it right!!!


A little puff of smoke, the engine at 7000rpm and climbing, blimey, now I know were my driveshafts keep going!

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Believe me, when you?re doing this sort of thing, you suddenly don?t give a toss about your engine, it?s redline all the way!! By the time, I got to the marker for ? mile I was doing about 97-99 mph! The brakes got a roasting as well!











? Crossing the ? mile mark is a relief for the last time!!! Overall, not a bad day. I recorded 7.89 seconds 0-60, and a ? mile time of 15.34 seconds! To me this proves that the power in the Mi16 doesn?t come into its own until you reach about 45-50 mph, and then the car just keeps pulling. The only way I was going to get under 7 seconds was without the rear diffuser, a set of 15?s and I would have done it! The car would?ve looked crap mind!!! Below is a selection of the other modded metal at the day out! Thanks to REVS also for a corking day! See you next year!