This car is the business. However, compared to the rest of the car,  the front looks a bit tame and could do with some twin headlights or some light brows!




Nobody would ever guess that this Pug was only the 1.4XS at heart. This is the best bit. You donít have to be loaded to produce a well sorted motor. Just a few original ideas and nobody is the wiser. The XR3 boys wouldnít even try it on with this bad boy!


This is a bit of a strange one. This car has been at

all the shows. Itís even changed from the piccies

you see here. Itís now got a new bonnet, and a

different set of 17Ēís. Itís also one of the few cars

to have Antares body kit,.







1.4 Litre XS Model, Centre exit Stainless Steal 




Front Spings are Ecosse Ė60mm Jobbies. The

Shocks are standard Peugeot.


Wheels & Tyres:

7x17Ē TSW Venom,

205/40/17 Falkens,



Complete Equiss Auto Antares bodykit,

Front valance, rear valance,side skirts

Wheel extension arches,

Ecosse grille and front brake vents,

Rear boot spoiler,


205 Auto bonnet with vents,

Ecosse single wiper,

Smoothed tailgate.




This spoiler from Ecosse certainly changes the shape of the car at the back. The ali rear quarter panels also make a change from the usual carbon jobbies.



Colour coded interiors. Brilliant, but hardly anyone can be bothered. A lot of hassle, but it looks the bollocks doesnít it?