Them wheels really suite the car down to the ground. Iím not a fan of the multi spoke, but I have to admit, they look the business on this bruiser. Still a git to clean though!




(below) Nice from this angle though. Very minimalist yet looking well modified as well.


This is nice. A complete one-off as the front

and rear bumpers are not of the shelf jobbies.

Also, all the smoothing thatís going on makes

the car stick well out from the crowd. All it

needs are some engine mods!







1905cc 8v 1.9 Gti Engine,

K&N Induction Kit,

Full Magnex stainless steal exhaust system,



Front Lowered 60mm (Spax springs),

Rear Lowered 55mm,

OMP Strut Brace


Wheels & Tyres:

16Ē OZ Super Tourismo alloys,

215/40/16 A520 Yoko Tyres.



One-off custom made front/rear bumpers,

Ecosse side skirts & front grille,

Auto bonnet,

Smoothed arches and tailgate,

MC rallying roof spoiler,

Rear lights coated in read pearl,

Full respray in one-off red!







(left) Leather yehÖ how many cows do you think it takes to make a lovely interior like this? I havenít got a clue, and to be honest, I donít car. Just keep Ďem coming!



Nice ICE install. The 205 is usually ignored in this department due do its crap build quality/noisy interior. This just makes you think that you need a louder system in my book!