Twin headlights always look the best. This last of the line K reg looks nice from the front. The money thatís been spent on this thing including all the engine mods would have probably paid for a second hand ImprezaÖ but the Pug will stay with it Ďtil 100mph.




Full leather interior from a limited edition 205 does look smart. Personally, I prefer the red chequered and black leather in mine. So there!



This is one of only a handful of Gti-6

powered 205ís in the country. Itís also

benefited from as throttle bodie conversion

pumping out an impressive 195bhp.

Unfortunately for this guy, Iíve just had a

196bhp engine fitted by Pug Performance

for a quarter of what this guys just paid








306 Gti-6 2 Litre,

Throttle Body conversion,

Magnex Exhaust.



AVO Adjustable shocks with 60mm springs,

Lowered rear torsion bar,

Strut brace.


Wheels & Tyres:

7x16Ē Leagues,

205/40/16 Yokohama Rubber,

283mm Tar-ox disc conversion.



Morette twin headlight conversion,

Equisse grille,

Bonnet buldge,

Smoothed tailgate,

De-locked doors,

Clear side repeaters.



Full leather 205 trim,

Limited edition Peugeot carpets,

Ecosse chrome switches.



16ís are the best if you want looks and still want the sensational handling from the Pug. 17ís push the Pug into the air to much.





Not much done to the rear apart from a bit of smoothing. Needs some sort of lower rear valance. Come on Diane, get your act together.