The front bonnet was hand made and actually modeled on the Clio 16v bonnet. The whole bonnet was made out of fibre glass by the owner himself and what a fantastic job he’s done on it.



Have you ever  seen so many speakers in one parcel shelf… I thought not.


Now this is different. A snot coloured 205 with

one of the best interiors I’ve seen for a while on

any car. Love those seats.







1998cc Mi16 Bored out to 2350cc. Strengthened


Group A Head Gasket,

Group A injection system,

Oil-Cooled radiator,

K&N Air Filter ,

Full stainless steel Devil exhaust system, with

Twin 4” tailpipes.



Peugeot Sport torsion bar.

Lowering spring all-round.


Wheels & Tyres:

7x15” Speedlines,

195/50/15 Bridgestone rubber,



Full DP Sport body kit comprising front,

Rear and side skirts.

DP design front grille,

Fibreglass moulded bonnet from a clio 16v,

Single wiper conversion,

Clio rear wiper,

Carbon fibre door handles.




Very low indeed. Notice that very rare DP Sport side skirts. I think this is the only 205 I’ve ever seen with this particular look. Very individual!!!



Nice and smooth at the back due to a bit of smoothing on the boot lid. Big fat Clio rear wiper as well. This has now become commonplace.