There’s a lot of companies out there who talk the talk, some are fantastic and some are downright awful. I personally when dealing with companies regarding engine upgrades/swaps (only from recommendation by different people) recommend the three companies below. That’s not to say there aren’t any others that are great. I just haven’t had any dealing with them! I’ve set up articles dealing with what these companies can offer. This, even though this website is in association with Pug Performance Motorsport is NOT biased in any way. Where you spend your hard earned cash is not of more importance to me and to YOU! Click the relevant company to see information on their particular upgrades!!!

PORTED ! The inlet and exhaust ports in the cylinder head are machined/ground out to carry a volume of air/fuel mixture into the engine.

Polished! The ports in the head are polished to remove casting marks. This helps to reduce turbulence and friction, allowing the air to move more freely.

Hybrid Turbo! A turbo unit produced as a direct replacement for the original, but incorporating many superior features, such as a compressor housing and wheel to produce higher boost and 360 degree bearing for added reliability at high speed revolutions.

Big Valve Head ! The cylinder head is fitted with bigger diameter valves to increase the flow volume, with the area under the valve head machined out to suit.

High Lift CAM! Upgraded camshafts with lobe angles and lift height altered to increase power, by allowing more fuel/air past the valves as they are basically open longer.

Solid Lifters ! Machined parts to replace the hydraulic lifters for the valve opening operation, usually used to gain a higher rev range restricted by the oil driven original design.

Vernier Pulleys! Aftermarket cam pulleys that directly replace the standard items. They incorporate a lockable adjusting mechanism to allow fine precision valve timing to gain maximum power in desired areas.

Group A Head Gasket! A high quality gasket made from more expensive materials than the mass produced factory stuff. They are superior because they can with stand higher compression ratios and heat changes.

Forged Racing Pistons ! High quality forged/machined racing pistons that are used to once again replace inferior factory ones. They are designed to be light weight, can withstand far higher revs ranges. Only of use in a highly tuned motor.

Wire Ringed ! Used to prevent excessive compression from escaping from the head gasket. It is found between the cylinder head and block face. Mainly used on highly modified Turbos running high boost.

Lightened ! Pistons, crank and con-rods are machined to remove any unwanted material, as a lighter mass will obviously mean acceleration and higher speeds with greater ease.


Balanced ! Pistons and con-rods are balanced in weight to avoid any unwanted vibration and uneven stress on the crank. The crank is dynamically balanced whilst moving like and standard wheel to avoid any vibration.

Bored Out! This term just means that the cylinder bores have been machined to accept oversized pistons, therefore making the capacity of the engine greater.

Lightened Flywheel ! Either a machined standard cast iron flywheel, or for higher revving engines, a purpose built lightweight jobbie usually machined from billet steal. This will allow the engine to rev quicker, though a smooth idle may be sacrificed.

Here’s some graphs kindly provided by detailing their engine conversions. The only reason I have them is through an advertisement they sent out to people and I questioned there power gain figures they were offering from their carb conversions on Mi16 (155bhp to 190bhp) and 1.6/1.9 (130bhp to 150bhp on the 1.9) Gti’s. I didn’t agree with them, but they have backed their figures up with the proof. Well done fellas. Now I haven’t seen one of these engines in the flesh, but at least they are willing to back up their figures with facts!

Just be wary of companies offering you an extra 50bhp with an induction kit and exhaust, they’re talking crap, but you’d be amazed by the amount of people who get taken in!!!



Below are articles obtained from various sources to help you in modifying your Peugeot engines. I accept NO responsibility for any errors within these articles, as I am not a mechanic myself, they are here just to assist you in your pursuit of POWER : )


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For the best information I’ve ever seen on tuning, dyno information etc, it has to be the dudes at Puma Race Engines.

Thank you for being there fellas!!!

Another nice site for modifying and anything to do with car is  It has cracking articles on all sorts of modifications and engine check just for us lot. Enjoy!!!!!