Smoothed tailgate, lightbrows, they all add up to making this car look awesome from the back. Super smooth. The sides haven’t been messed about with fancy skirts, just the PPM skirts to the lower the sides.



Now this is what you call an engine.

Tweaked to buggery with a lovely set

of Dellorto carbs with blue anodized

trumpets sucking it senseless into the Mi16 engine. Bet it sounds like a track car!


The master piece was made by Colin at

Pug Performance Motorsport. Just look at that

full leather interior which only cost £150? Yes

the back valance is the same as mine only that

the exhaust is center exiting. Beautiful machine.






16v Mi16 1905cc, Balance bottem end,

Group A engine mounts,

Polished and gas flowed head,

Kent rally cams,

Kent vernier pulleys,

Twin Dellorto 45 Carbs,

Mongoose center exhaust.

217Bhp @ the fly wheel. Probably close to 180

@ the wheels.



Avo Coil-Over spings and dampers,

Rear torsion bar reset for 60 – 70 mm drop.


Wheels & Tyres:

7x17” League 067,

205/45/16 Falken,

280mm Black Diamond Discs Drilled/Grooved


Black Diamond drilled discs (Rear).



Pug Performance Rear Valance, Side skirts and

Front Spoiler,

Front & Rear Light Brows,

Clear Front/Side Indicators,

Rear Tailgate Smoothed,

PPM Rear Spoiler,

PPM Single Wiper Conversion,

Chrome Strips.





This body kit comes as a front spoiler, rear valance, side skirts and roof top spoiler.



Another set of 17”’s. I think my 16”’s

are starting to look a little bit shopping

trolley next to these bruisers.