The front of the 205 is awesome. Quads, Clio 16v bonnet buldge give it an intimidating look.



(below) Full leather interiors are the business. They do however, cost a bloody fortune. Nice though.


We all here big power claims and speed claims.

I’ve got this, I’ve got the other… but when it

comes down to it, oh the car’s not running

well at the moment… the clutch is on the way

out… etc etc etc. However, the guy who owns

this must have balls as big as an elephant…

‘cause he reckons this baby can do 160mph+.

Sorry pal, but I’ve got more power in mine,

and that will do 145mph… get your Speedo








1987cc Mi16,

Omega pistons,

Skip brown cams,

Polished/ported head,

Lightened and balanced flywheel,

Weber 45’s,

Longman inlet manifolds,

306 Gti6 Gearbox.

177bhp (160+mph with 0-60 in 6.0s)



Lowered 30mm,

Koni adjustable dampers and springs.


Wheels & Tyres:

Seneca R5 7x17in alloys,

Goodyear 205/40/17 rubber.




Guttman front grille,

Auto Tuning front spoiler with fog lamps,

Morette Twin headlamp conversion,

Clio 16v bonnet buldge,

Single wiper conversion,

Gutman roof spoiler,

Late-spec rear lights,

Carbon fibre look M3 style mirrors,

Doors de-locked.




(above) Nice five spokes don’t come any better than the R5’s. All this car needs is some M3 side skirts… they’d lower the car to the ground.



Why do quad lamps conversions cost the earth? They would sell a damn sight more of them if they bloody charge about £80. M3 mirrors used to cost nearly £200 but now you can get them for £70. Morette are you listening!