Unfortunately, there arenít any pictures of the interior. But I can tell you itís full cream leather, with dashboard colour coding and a nice set of blue lockwood dials in the dash.




Itís another lovely set of Dellorto 45ís bolted onto the Mi16 engine. The Mi16ís good for 160Bhp, so with these on you should be pushing 175Bhp.


One of my all-time favorites this. The M3 side

skirts look awesome. The majority of the car

has just been smoothed, filled and colour







16v Mi16 1984cc,

Twin Dellorto 45ís,

Polished and gas flowed head,

Custom built exhaust

180Bhp+ (Good for 140Mph and 60 in 6.5secs)



Koni shocks all round and dampers,

Rear torsion bar reset.


Wheels & Tyres:

7x16Ē Colour Coded Momo Sports,

195/45/16 Michelin Pilots



Seat Rally Sport bonnet vent,

Front & Rear Light Brows,

Clear Front/Side Indicators,

Rear Tailgate Flushed/Smoothed,

Equiss front bumber,

R5 GT Cup Splitter,

Golf DTM Mirrors,

Modified M3 side skirts,




A lot of people (including myself), just smooth the tailgate. This guys gone one step further. Heís flushed the whole back end to take out the lip. These pictures donít do this rear justice.



16Ēís. Lovely. Donít forgetÖ with a

smaller wheel like a 16Ē, you can slam

the car into the weeds, and still take your mates to the shows.