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Apart from the Clio 16v Bonnet buldge, most

of the other mods are more smoothing, filling and making the overall design look more modern. Details like the carbon/painted door mirrors make this car stand out from the crowd.




The rear valance is from

Pug Performance Motorsport. It is owned

by a bloke called Colin Stewart, who is a

Pug GOD! If you need any help regarding

engine mods, body mods… this is THE

man to speak to. Friendly bloke as well!




Chassis Dynamics -60mm Springs with modified

bump stops,

Spax Adjustables on the rear.

Rear torsion bar reset for a 60-70mm drop.

This is my pride and joy. The big red beast. I've

Owned the car for over two half years, yet only

really started modifying  it over the last six

months. Some of these picture, you will be able

to recognise them from September’s REVS.






Mi16 16v 1905cc Engine,

Twin Weber 45’s,

Longman Inlet manifolds,

Custom 4-2-1 exhaust manifold,

Group N engine mounts,

Polished/Ported Head,

Full Stainless-steel

exhaust with twin custom 4" tailpipes,

AP Racing Clutch,

Chrome/Colour code engine detailing,

149bhp@ the Wheels

196bhp@ the Flywheel

0-60 Sub 7 seconds

Top Speed… of the clock (145mph+).



Wheels & Tyres:

7x16" TSW Stealths,

205/45/16 Falken GRB's,

Standard Brakes with painted callipers.









Single wiper conversions can be done

yourself. I did, and it looks spot on. All

you need is a longer spindle so you get

a wider arc from the wiper. Also, under-

neath the wiper motor, the spindle needs

to be vertical if you want the wiper to

sit in the middle of the windscreen.




Clio 16V Bonnet Buldge,

Front DTM Technics Splitter,

Front & Rear Light Brows,

Clear Front/Side Indicators,

Colour Coded Bumper Panels,

Rear Tailgate Smoothed,

Rear Spoiler,

Carbon Effect Wing Mirror Covers, Door Handles and Rear Side Panels,

Pug Performance Rear Valance,

PPM Side skirts + M3 Mirrors.

Single Wiper Conversion,