Ride ! The Xsi and the pant-wetting Gti-6 are fantastic by anyoneís standards, but lower down the ladder everything goes a little bit sales rep. Lucky that 17ís are a piss of piss to fit. Pugs generally have a heavy offset ET 15-20mm so some wheels may need spacers or longer bolts to make sure they fill the arches width wise! Other than that, stick to 7x17Ē rims with 205/40/17 rubber, but take a look at the side walls of the tyre to make sure that they arenít too straight, youíll want them to lean in slightly giving you maximum clearance.

You can happily drop the 306 by 45mm on the front while for maximum effect go for 50mm at the rear on the old torsion bars. If you go for this height, your original dampers will be fine (that goes for all models) and you can even squeeze 18ís on the Xsi/Gti/S16 models with a bit of arch tomfoolery. All the original dampers should be fine, but donít forget, to get the best out of the 306 handling, your better off replacing with adjustables. That way, you can fine tune your ride!