I want power! There’s plenty of thing to do to boost power in the 306. the first step in all models is to open up the breathing with an induction kit and exhaust. This should give a couple of brake extra, but it’s the pick up that you will notice the most. If your lucky enough to own a Gti-6, then a four into two exhaust manifold will give you close to 20bhp. Not bad for £300 notes. Xsi and Gti-6 owners will benefit from head and cam work which should add about 30bhp, but don’t expect the same results on an S16. they’re already set-up for maximum anyway, so you’ll only be throwing your money away. If you’ve got the money, then you can start thinking about swapping the injection for some Throttle Bodies to boost power further. You’re looking at least £2000, but you’ll also be looking at figures of about 210bhp, while if your feelings bold, you can sacrifice drivability and go for some rally cams and race prep which should be pushing 300bhp.

There are some turbo and supercharger kits available, but they are over £4000. It would be far cheaper and make more sense to opt for 50bhp Nitrous jets. The only other viable engine swap is the 406 turbo lump. They start with 150bhp and can easily be pushed upto 220bhp no problem.

Engine Contacts:

Pug Performance Motorsport – 01420 587377,  (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED / VERY COMPETETIVE)

Coventry Peugeot Specialists – 024 7654 5995,  N/A

Peugeot Ecosse – 01506 516106,   (VERY EXPENSIVE / HAD SOME BAD REPORTS)

Pugeotek – 01159 497045,   N/A

Shenpar Racing/Competition – 01332 862901 (RALLY SPECIALISTS)

Viper Motorsport – 01703 452622    (NOT SURE IF THEY STILL EXIST?)