Ride ! The 205 has been famed for itís exceptional handling over the years. It can still be improved on though as most cars can. Drop the front 60mm with a set of springs, alter the rear torsion bar a couple of splines, and youíll out-handle any car on the planet. It can be slightly uncomfortable though, so a compromise would be 30mm lowering. If your going for a 60mm drop, get a front strut brace to keep the geometry straight. A set of adjustable dampers on the rear will let you have a soft/hard rideÖ whatever you fancy.

If your going for 17ís, make sure that all the rear suspension is in 100% condition. As the 205 gets on in years, the axles start going about 100K, and if there slightly out, you ainít going to get the wheels on properly. Also, if your keeping the standard arches, youíll need to just cut the inside of the plastic to make sure the wheels donít foul. 17ís are too big but look the business. Not matter what you cut, file and roll, 17ís will catch. 16ís are the way to go with a 60mm drop and sweat handling. 17ís are for shows. The choice is yours.

Make sure that if going for 16ís or 17ís, the tyre is 205/40/16 or 205/40/17ís with an alloy with a 15-20mm offset.