Styling ! The 205’s been around for years, and thus is one of the most easily modified Peugeots around. Anything’s possible with the 205. From wide arch kits, smooth, mean and some that have had that many mods, they don’t even resemble 205’s anymore. Make the effort to fit 17’s and get them sitting in the arches properly and there isn’t a better, fatter looking car. Flat spoked rims look mighty fine. But big tip, make sure that you paint the standard plastic bumper moulding/arch’s as it make a whole load of difference.

The madest 205 body kit is a toss up between the world famous Dimma T16 replica kit or Ecosses Auxia jobby!

Body Modification Contacts:

Pug Performance Motorsport – 01420 587377,  (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED / VERY COMPETETIVE)


Dimma Design – 01606 854377,

ISP – 020 8450 0488,

CTC Autofashion – 01603 414500,

Hi-Tech Motorsport – 01384 561777,

MerseySpeed – 0151 525 9954,

Evolution – 0191 517 2152,

R&A Design – 01472 811711,

Kool Motorsport – 020 8450 0488,


My monster 205. All the stuff is from Pug Performance Motorsport. The standard kit usually involves, side-skirts, front/rear valance and cost £500. Try getting that from Ecosse for £500!




This is Kelly’s Pug Performance 205. very stealth like. The kit is the standard one fitted to my 205. Very smart.



This is Peugeot Ecosse’s world famous Auxia kit. Not my favourite by any means, but you have to admit, you wouldn’t know what the hell the thing was from the front. Definitely different!!!


Why not rip the whole car apart like this fella did in Belgium and shove 106 lights on. The world is your oyster with the 205, it just depends how much work you’re willing to do!