I want power! These low insurance cars (1.1ís, 1.4ís etc) are becoming very popular. A lot of young lads are now buying them, doing the up and fobbing them off as Gtiís. However, the lower models just donít perform. Shove an air filter on and exhaust system and itíll sound the bollocks, but it isnít going to be very quick. Tough! The Gti/Xsi models however, now weíre talking. The first thing to do is replace the air filter with a £70 induction kit, believe it or not, youíll see 10+bhp no problem, the standard filter is very restrictive. A cam and head job, modified valves, seats and ports will give you another 10-15bhp for £1000 maximum, or you could be a mad nutter and just dump a 50bhp nitrous oxide kit on for £700. Make sure your engine in mint condition though, otherwiseÖBoooommmmm!.

Itís been noticed that a free-flowing exhaust manifold for £130 is good for squeezing that last bit of power out of the ole fuel injection. Obviously, like any car, the standard fuel injection will start to play a limiting factor for power, so itís time to get the carb bug again. Get a pair of Weber 40DCOEís. A complete set-up and change will cost the best part of £800-900 from Pug Performance but you can do this conversion yourself as detailed in another section. Youíll get loads more bottom end grunt and as much as 25% overall increase.

If youíve got more money than sense then Throttle Bodies are the way to go. Itíll set you back £2000 from Pug Performance. An indestructible 1400cc engine revving upto 8000rpm and pumping out 170bhp with the above mods. Alternatively, any 106 engine bay can fit the lovely little 106Gti engine into it. A motor with 120bhp standard and the potential for a lot more. A full conversion is about £2500.

After that, if you still crave more power, itís turbo or supercharger time. Youíll be looking at £4000-6000 pounds but youíll be looking at 200bhp+ in a car that weighs no more than a thimble. In other words, a WEAPON! Donít forget to uprate the disks with some bigger jobs, as the standard ones (Gti/XSI) canít only really handle 150bhp. Anymore, and your risking your life. The choice is yours!

Engine Contacts:

Pug Performance Motorsport Ė 01420 587377,(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED / VERY COMPETETIVE)

Coventry Peugeot Specialists Ė 024 7654 5995,N/A

Peugeot Ecosse Ė 01506 516106,†† (VERY EXPENSIVE / HAD SOME BAD REPORTS)

Pugeotek Ė 01159 497045,†† N/A

Shenpar Racing/Competition Ė 01332 862901 (RALLY SPECIALISTS)

Viper Motorsport Ė 01703 452622††† (NOT SURE IF THEY STILL EXIST?)